A: Where are you now?

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Ready Set Go…. Are you ready? Do you know where your district stands when it comes to Technology and Curriculum?

Before your district can even think about starting an 1:1 Initiative, the question needs to be answered…. Where are we now in the areas of CurriculumTechnology.

Curriculum: Does your district have an updated and implemented curriculum  in place? Have instructional coaches been identified?  Every component of a successful 1:1 INSTRUCTIONAL Initiative hinges on a quality curriculum that is actively followed.

Technology: Do you know how techy your teachers are? Have you assessed your teachers and staff on their computer skills?  Before you can select the right device and the LMS for your 1:1, you need to know how much PD is needed. No matter what form factor you select for your device, it will be wireless. Can your current infrastructure support more devices?

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