What are the components of your 1:1?

Device: For most schools an 1:1 is all about the device.

Will it be a netbook, laptop or thin client like a Chromebook? What about a tablet? Will you have the same device for all grades? How much can you budget support per student? Does your bond money have requirements on how long the device must last? What about accessories? Cases, stickers, etc.

Productive Suite: Students need the ability to create, collaborate and communicate on whatever device you select. Does your district have enough licenses for Microsoft Office? Will the device support the current software used in your classroom? Thinking about going Google? Does your district own a domain name to use with Google Apps for Education (GAFE)?  Who will start the process of setting GAFE up? Do you students need to print? How will students submit assignments to their teachers?

Learning Management System (LMS):  Do you need a LMS? What LMS is best for your district? Are you wanting to use your LMS created courses for a virtual academy? Can your district afford to pay for a premium LMS?  Can your staff handle a complex LMS? What special considerations does a LMS need to meet for your district? Will the LMS integrate with your SIS?