Instructional Coaches


Instructional coaches row the 1:1 boat from A to B.
Instructional coaches row the 1:1 boat from A to B

The planning team can get the 1:1 boat off shore, but it’s the instructional coaches that keeps the boat moving.

An established group of curriculum experts are needed. They have the rapport with your staff to encourage them to move from A to B.

Before the pilot the instructional coaches will work with the director of instructional technology to build the agenda for professional development. They know the personality of their teachers and can foresee issues or needs that could arise during the pilot. Our instructional coaches (CRIs) attended both PD training sessions helped facilitate.  The CRIs also worked to get the district’s curriculum in the LMS so teachers could align their assignments with the district’s curriculum continua.

After the pilot started, the CRIs can monitor their teachers on the LMS and scheduled additional training as needed. They are the experts of their subjects and can represent their teachers when needs are being assessed for the pilot and beyond.