Day in and day out, procedures need to be followed.

One of the joys of being a public school is accepting all student in your district no matter when their parents decide to enroll them.

The day after we distributed the devices to the students, we had two new students enroll and one student withdraw. We hadn’t thought about that so we did not have a checklist created.

New Student:

New student enroll through our enrollment center in our district. If they are in grades K-9th they have to also go to the school site and go through an orientation. We worked with our counseling office to create a New Student Checklist. We used our TSI Device Repair form to get a device setup and delivered to a new student. The counseling office included a copy of this form in their new student packet.


We looked at the withdrawal process the same way we handle textbooks, instruments, etc. We educated the counseling office (student withdraw through the counseling office at our FA) on what to look for when a student returns their 1:1 technology package. We created a checksheet for them to use.  Student Withdrawal Checklist