Was this damage accidental?  Was it vandalism? Who decides?
Was this damage accidental? Was it vandalism? Who decides?

No new policies! That was our goal when we decided to implement an 1:1. We wanted to use our current school board policies and treat the technology just as we would treat a textbook or instrument.

It didn’t take long for a student to crack the screen on one of their Chromebooks. Not only did the 9th grade boy break his screen (he said it fell from the counter at home the night before) but him and his buddies decided to play frisbee with the device until it looked like the picture to the right. The boy’s parents purchased insurance. So should it be covered by insurance? In our Pilot Handbook, we did not directly state that acts of vandalism would NOT be covered by insurance. I left that decision to my site administrators. We made a note in our insurance policy and next year it will be clearly stated that acts of vandalism will not be covered by insurance.

Our site administrators treated this issue of vandalism just like they would treat any act of vandalism; according to our district’s school board policy. This is the same for students who attempt to remove the management from their device. The student sign an internet usage agreement in the beginning of the year and this is referenced in these situations.