At $250 each, replacing a Chromebook is hard to swallow for parents.

Textbooks cost a lot of money! But dropping a textbook doesn’t have the potential of costing you $250

Our team of experts included many parents and all of them expressed the importance of offering insurance on the technology package. This was vital for stakeholder buy-in.

We had a couple of choices when it came to insurance, we could go with a third-party solution or do it self-insured.

Worth Group: The Worth Group is the leading device insurance company in the US. Their bids were good. Their quote included unlimited claims during the insurance period. We would collect the premiums from each family and cut them a single check. We also were responsible for the claims.

Self-insured: We collected the money and handled the claims just like the worth group. We did not offer unlimited claims. Our team of experts came up with a percentage plan.

  • 1st incident 100%
  • 2nd incident 50%
  • 3+ incident 0%

More details here.

Other considerations:

  • Who is going to handle the claims? (packing up and shipping damaged Chromebook to Worth Group)
  • What about students who cannot afford to purchase the insurance?
  • Would we offer a discounted rate for students on Free or Reduced Lunch?
  • What about students who want to buy insurance after they have received their device?

After thinking about the logistics of offering insurance, we decided to go self-insured for the first year. We picked a device that can be easily repaired by our TSI team. If we had to handle the claims ourselves anyway, might as well collect the money and have the ability to cover the cost for students who unable to purchase insurance.



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