Form Factor


What is the best form-factor for each grade’s curriculum? Is it a Tablet or a Laptop?

Tablets have invaded the world of education in the last several years.

Ever since Apple launched the iPad on April 3, 2010,  schools have been spending large amounts of money on these gadgets. Even in 2014, tablets have not surpassed the sales of laptops. Why? Because even though the iPad and other tablet form devices are fun and great for casual use, they are better for consuming information than producing information. Your team of experts will need to determine which form-factor (Tablet or Laptop) is best for your students. When we came back from visiting schools in the Chicago areas we were sold on the Chromebook for secondary students. Our team could not agree on what would be the best device for elementary classroom. This is when we decided to do a pilot at our elementary sites. The goal of the elementary pilot is to identify the form factor that is best for each elementary grade. More information to come….

I hate that I have to mention this… but every device comes with other implications, cost, setup, ability to be managed, etc.