Students can help support your IT when your district adds hundreds of devices to their workload.
Students can help support your IT staff when your district adds hundreds of devices to their workload.

For many districts, the IT department is understaffed and the thought of added hundreds of new devices  for them to support may cause a revolt.

The device you chose will help combat the stress on your IT staff. This was one of the main reasons we went with the Google Chromebook. Being a thin client, the device is very simple. The solid-state hard drive (SSHD) boots up in seconds and with no moving parts, there is less change for damage if dropped. Even with the best device selected, the IT department is going to need more staff to support the addition of hundreds of new devices. When we were in Chicago, we were introduced to a program called Tech Student Internship (TSI). Student in this program work with the IT staff to help support the devices of the 1:1. During our pilot we had 5 students in our TSI program. They did everything from supporting the device to training teachers on the LMS. They helped to created the procedures for new students, student repairs and withdrawing students.  Your team of experts needs to consider your districts ability to support more devices. So Where are you now… when it comes to supporting the technology your district already has in it’s inventory? And could your current IT staff handle the amount of devices you are considering purchasing for your 1:1?