Quality Management Plan

Standard: TL-VII Procedures, Policies, Planning, and Budgeting for Technology Environments
Educational technology leaders coordinate development and direct implementation of technology infrastructure procedures, policies, plans, and budgets for PK-12 schools. 

Assignment: The assignment asked us to write out a project plan. My project was the LITT (Lead Instructional Technology Teacher) program.

Reflection: Not until I finished this document, did I realize what it was going to take to get this program started in my school district. This assignment made to look at every step of the project process. At the time this plan was created it was only an idea, since then I have used this plan to actually plan the implementation of the LITT position in my school district. Some parts of the plan had to change because of the “politics” of any organization, but for the most part, this plan and process will be used next school year as we roll out the ITCT (Instructional Technology Contact Teacher) program in my school district.

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