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Standard: TL-III Teaching, Learning, and the Curriculum
Educational technology leaders model, design, and disseminate plans that include methods and strategies for applying technology to maximize student learning. B:1. design methods and strategies for integrating technology resources that support the needs of diverse learners, including adaptive and assistive technology.

Assignment: During this course we had to build an educational website using the web style guides and usability tips presented in the course.

Reflection: Just like many of my other courses in this program, I was able to use this assignment in my current position as Director of Instructional Technology. At the time of this course, we had just started our 1:1 Instructional Technology Pilot at our Freshman Academy. I used the website I created for this assignment to document the journey our district had gone through getting ready for the 1:1 pilot. This site was an accumulation of many of the skills I learned through the courses in this program. I wanted this site to be a place for other school districts to go to learn what it really is like to implement an 1:1. Recently, I had another school district contact me and want some advice on how to get started on moving towards an 1:1 and I sent them the URL to my site. Great assignment!

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