Professional Goal Statement

Standard: TL-III Teaching, Learning, and the Curriculum
Educational technology leaders model, design, and disseminate plans that include methods and strategies for applying technology to maximize student learning. 

Assignment: For our first course in the EDTEC program, Foundations of Educational Technology, we had to submit our professional goal for joining the program.

Reflection: My professional goal statement above mentions my frustrations with the type of technology being purchased and not implemented well in my school district. The statement goes on to talk about how this frustration lead me to see out this degree. In many ways this reason has not changed as I near the end of this program. The thing that has changed is the root of the frustration. Now my frustration is rooted more in the lack of appropriate technology that enhances instruction. It’s so much more than the hardware or software when it comes to instructional technology. It’s about the finding instructional technology that changes the way we instruct students. If our students are early childhood aged or adults, the only way that technology will have the ability to change instruction for the best is through deliberate application of the theories, practices and model learned in the program.  Learning doesn’t just happen and technology can’t replace good instruction. Good technology works with great instruction to change learning.

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